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While traditional text Bibles are still very useful, so also are the increasing number of online Bibles.  (In one sense the technology is new, but it is also interesting that through this technology Bibles can once again be “scrolled.”)  Below are some of the ones I use, and why.  All are free, though some have more advertisements than others.  Unless you like reading text on a screen better than on a page, the main value in these sites is their ability to search and study the text. 

The Lockman Foundation – hosts the New American Standard Bible (NASB) (and also the Amplified Bible).  Allows access to the orginal Greek and Hebrew words through Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (lists every occurence of every word in the Bible by chapter and verse). – hosts almost two dozen English translations.  It also has a cross-reference system for NASB verses.  Its search function allows searches with quote marks when you know the precise wording you are seeking. 

Biblos – hosts over a dozen English translations.  In addition it provides many Bible reference tools (concordance, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.).  Its search function works for multiple translations so that if you enter even a part of verse you remember, it will search all translations for that quote (thus you don’t have to know or remember which version it came from).

YouVersion – hosts over a dozen English translations.  In addition, has an attractive presentation and navigation of the text, and allows you to look at two different translation passages side by side.

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