How To Use These Bible Notes

I offer these Bible study notes for your selective use.  That is, you can focus just on the parts that are interesting to you.  For example, if I list three different scripture passages associated with one post, you do not have to look up all three to receive benefit.  I have simply supplied some notes that might be useful to you – either to read, to meditate upon, or perhaps to memorize for later meditation.

Regarding the “Bible Notes on” my Blog for the Lord Jesus posts, I am not attempting to list all the Bible verses that informed my thinking on that particular post.  I am certainly not trying to provide a catalog of all the “proof texts” that would justify the post I’ve written  There are plenty of scriptures you can find in support of what’s posted and I don’t want to bury you in detail.  I’m simply providing several notes that I think might be helpful to different people.  Bear in mind also that a note that helps you might not be useful at all to another person…and vice versa.

Remember as well that some of you using these notes are novice Bible readers and others are themselves Bible teachers.  Since I’ am writing for both groups (and those in between), there’s no way that all items will interest everyone.

Therefore, I am laying out a buffet of notes on the Bible.  Pick only what interests you.  Bible study is rewarding, but is also hard.  The last thing I want is for you to get bogged down in these notes as if they were a work assignment.  That could lead you to become discouraged about your walk with God and then I’ve lost the very purpose for which I started the Blog for the Lord Jesus in the first place.  Serve Him, and use these Bible notes wisely (that is, to strengthen yourself, not to burden yourself).

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