Bible Storybook Index to the Bible

(previously titled “Character Studies”)

This is a work in progress.

My intent is to provide a list of all the major, and many of the minor, characters of the Bible.

The list is provided in two different orders:  alphabetical and scriptural.  That is, the first list has all the characters ordered by name in alphabetical order.  The second list shows the same names but in the order in which they appear in the Scriptures.

One purpose of these lists is to help parents.  When children are small, you tend to read to them from children’s Bible story books.  However, at some point you want to transition them to reading from the Scriptures themselves.  These lists can help you make that transition.

Alphabetical Order

Abel (OT)  –  main story:  Genesis 4:1-26;     NT mentions:

Abraham (OT)

Adam (OT)

Cain (OT) –  main story:  Genesis 4:1-24

Enoch (OT)  –  main story:  Genesis 5:18-24

Eve (OT)

Isaac (OT)

Jacob (OT)

Jonah (OT)  –  main story: Jonah 1:1-4:11 (the book of Jonah consists entirely of his story)

Methuselah (OT)  –  main story: Genesis 5:21-27

Noah (OT) –  Genesis 5:28-9:29

Scriptural Order

(I want to build out the alphabetical list more before constructing this list.)

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