Book: The Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven

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This book is available in both written and audio form.  The links will take you to each chapter where you will find an audio player as well as written text.  If you’d like to simply listen to the book on a mobile device, download the “Mike Gantt” app in either the iOS or Android (including Kindle) app store accessed by your device.  It will be in the episode listing in reverse order beginning with “TIEGTH” followed by the chapter number (“00” is for the Introduction).


1. How Can God Let Bad People Into Heaven?
2. The Reason You Exist
3. The War of Good and Evil
4. The Battle for Heaven
5. All Behavior Has Consequences
6. An Ordered Universe
7. How We Learn About Consequences
8. Job’s Puzzle
9. A Personal Strategy for Life and Health
10. Surviving Hell on Earth
11. A Personal Strategy for Facing Consequences
12. The Promise of Heaven Frees Us
13. The Promise of Heaven Inspires Us
14. A Reason To Live
15. A Reason to Love
16. Developing Your Conscience
17. Learning More About Love
18. Relating to God
19. Seeking Spirituality
20. Relating to Others in the Presence of God
21. Conclusion: Repent!

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