Do, Doing, Done

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The lesson here is to do what the Lord commands.  Just knowing what He’s said, or merely meditating on what He’s commanded, is not enough.  We must do.

Matthew 23:1-3  –  “Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to His disciples, saying: ‘The scribes and the Pharisees have seated themselves in the chair of Moses; therefore all that they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds; for they say things and do not do them.'”

Luke 17:9-10  –  “He does not thank the slave because he did the things which were commanded, does he?  So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded you, say, ‘We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done.'”

John 2:5  –  “…’Whatever He says to you, do it.'”

John 13:17  –  “If you know these things, you are blessed if you do them.”

James 1:21-25  –  “Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, in humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls.  But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.  For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks at his natural face in a mirror; for once he has looked at himself and gone away, he has immediately forgotten what kind of person he was.  But one who looks intently at the perfect law, the law of liberty, and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer, this man will be blessed in what he does.

Revelation 2:5  –  “Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place–unless you repent.”

Revelation 22:12  –  “…My reward is with me, to render to every man according to what he has done.


Joshua 1:7-8  –  “Only be strong and very courageous; be careful to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may have success wherever you go.  This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.”

1 Kings 18:36  –  “…’O LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, today let it be known that You are God in Israel and that I am Your servant and I have done all these things at Your word.'”

2 Kings 18:11-12  –  “Then the king of Assyria carried Israel away into exile to Assyria, and put them in Halah and on the Habor, the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes,
because they did not obey the voice of the LORD their God, but transgressed His covenant, even all that Moses the servant of the LORD commanded; they would neither listen nor do it.”

Psalm 1:1-3  –  “How blessed is the man…his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night…in whatever he does, he prospers.

Psalm 103:17-18 But the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children, to those who keep His covenant and remember His precepts to do them.”

Psalm 111:10  –  “…A good understanding have all those who do His commandments…”

Jeremiah 11:4  –  “…’Listen to My voice, and do according to all which I command you…'”

Micah 6:8  –  “…what does the LORD require of you but to do justice…”

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