NTRJAAD – References to His Exaltation and Glory

This is a subsidiary post of New Testament References to Jesus Alive After His Death.
It is also a subsidiary post of Glory.

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Obviously, being seated at God’s right hand was great exaltation and glory for Jesus, but since I have cataloged all those references in Jesus at the Right Hand of God, I have not repeated them here.

John 12:23  –  “…’The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.'”

Luke 24:26  –  “…to enter into His glory?”

Acts 2:33, 34, 35  –  “Therefore having been exalted…”

Acts 3:13  –  “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of our fathers, has glorified His servant Jesus…”

Acts 5:31  –  “…the one whom God exalted…”

Philippians 2:9  “…God highly exalted Him…”

Hebrews 7:26, 27  –  “…exalted…”

Hebrews 13:21  –  “…Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever and ever…”

1 Peter 1:11  –  “…the sufferings of Christ and the glories to follow.”

1 Peter 1:21  –  “…and gave Him glory…”

Jude 1:24, 25  –  “…glory, majesty…”

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