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The term Messiah only appears in the NASB Old Testament (OT) two times (Daniel 9:25, 26), and in one of those the fuller expression is “Messiah the prince.”  However, the underlying Hebrew word is “mashiach” (Strong’s Hebrew # 4899) and it is elsewhere in the OT translated as “anointed” (37 times, two of which are “anointed ones”).

As clearly indicated in John 1:41 and 4:25, “Messiah” means “Christ” – “Messiah” being a Hebrew word and “Christ” being the Greek version of it.  As might be expected, therefore, the term “Messiah” is often used when studying the OT and looking forward to the time of Jesus, and the term “Christ” is used when studying Jesus in the New Testament and from that time forward.  Nevertheless, the terms are synonymous and the study of either is essentially study of the same subject.  The word studies on this blog of this subject can therefore be found under either term.