“Aliens” and “Strangers” as Referring to the Gentiles

This is a subsidiary post for Synonyms for the Gentiles.

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Ephesians 2:19

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  1. Hi mike , how do you understand acts3/21 and The Restitution of All Things
    Surly this cannot be now or past , as Satan which is spirit is not restored as of now.
    All things refer to All things which has to include Satan and his angels.
    Your view thanks Karl

  2. Karl,

    The “restoration of all things” mentioned in Acts 3:21 was achieved in the coming of the Lord, which occurred, as repeatedly prophesied by Jesus and His apostles, in their generation. That is, the coming of the kingdom of God, which was “at hand” as the New Testament was being written, marked the establishment of the new heavens and new earth. The heavens are cleansed (Hebrews 9:23) and there is no longer any sea (Revelation 21:1); all things have been summed up in Christ (Ephesians 1:10 – note that there’s no reference to the sea in this verse). The heavens were cleansed when Satan and his spirits were cast down from heaven to earth (Revelation 12:9). The resurrection of the dead put humanity above Satan – thus he is under their feet (Psalm 8:6 and Romans 16:20). And thus began the Sabbath of God (Matthew 12:8) for His work of redemption was fully accomplished in that generation (Acts 13:41). This is the eternal state of things and Christ shall never cease to reign (Daniel 7:13-14 and Luke 1:32-33). The Lord Christ is Lord of all – let us love and serve Him with all that is within us.

    All Bible Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled in Christ (a post)

    Whatever Became of Jesus Christ? The Biblical Case for the Second Coming as Accomplished Fact (a book)

  3. Yes but would not satan be part of all things new?Satan cannot die as he is spirit ,how can he be restored ?The verse says restitution of all things , which would mean from death to life for all creatures.

  4. So if Satan is loosed on the earth eternally , how will the earth ever reach a place of peace and love if satan and his angels are loose running wild?You can see now Satans influence in all societies of the earth , not improving but falling apart every day .Also if Satan had only had a short time when he fell from heaven , why is his influence still strong now if not stronger?

  5. Also what are the things in the all things in heaven and earth mean in collisions 1 20 , why not say all humans ? The all things sound more like more that just mankind?

  6. Also In Corinth 2/5 it says One died for all, therefore all died.” But in the next verse, it says, “He died for all so that THOSE who live…”

    Who are those who live? In many verses it lets us know. For example, “He who has the Son has life. He who does not have the Son does not have life (I John 5)”

    Furthermore, it goes on in 2 Cor. 5 to say, “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.”

    But Paul then pleads, “Be reconciled to God.”
    How do people who don’t gave the son , end up having the son ?
    John in 1 / 5 says people don’t have life , and paul says reconcile yourself to God , this is only taken up by a few not all.
    Your view on these matters thx

  7. The coming of the kingdom of God did not bring about the end of human will. Peace spreads through the earth like a seed growing – just as Jesus depicted in the parables of Matthew 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8 when He taught about the kingdom. Your question is like that of Gideon in the time of Judges: If God is with us (i.e. if the kingdom has come), why then all this trouble?

    Let us not depise the day of small beginnings (Job 8:7; Zechariah 4:10). Let us invite the kingdom of God to grow through us and extend its reach from generation to generation (Isaiah 9:7; Psalm 145:4).

    As for Colossians 1:20, Satan and his spirits have been deposed from their place of privilege and the saints of the Most High have been permanently installed in their place. That is, the Second Coming of Christ turned the world upside down. This is why monotheism prevails in our age but polytheism did in the biblical age. Satan is still at work but can no longer have a stronghold in heaven. Thus, idols today are of the earth and not heaven.

    As for 2 Corinthians 5:14-21, those who live are those who are reconciled are those who trust in the Son. There is a difference between an individual being reconciled to God and the created order being reconciled to Him. In Genesis 3, sin spoiled the created order. Through sin, Satan controlled the human race because he eventually captured them all through death. Christ, however, brought about the resurrection of all the dead as well as eradication of Sheol/Hades – which had been the domain of Satan. The created order is now reconciled to Him and individual reconciliation is taking place in that context.

    If you will read the three books I have written, you will be better able to understand these things. Whether you do that or not, however, keep focusing on Christ Jesus, the Son of God (1 John 5:9-12), and through His Spirit He will lead you and guide you to all truth. All truth is centered and grounded in Christ (Colossians 2:2-3).

  8. Karl,

    If you’ll go to the home page of my main blog you will find near the bottom a Google custom search function which will search all of my blogs at once. Just enter “second death” (in quote marks just like that), and you will find some references.

    I use this search bar often myself as I have been writing the blogs for five years and there is a lot of content.

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