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Here are the Greek words behind the occurrences of “sensual” and its variations (“sensuality” and “sensuously”) in the New American Standard Bible (NASB) New Testament from the Strong’s Concordance at the Lockman Foundation site:

766 aselgeia; of unc. or.; licentiousness, wantonness:–licentiousness(1), sensual(1), sensuality(8).

4763 strêniaô; from the same as 4764; to run riot:–lived sensuously(2).

4764 strênos; from strênês (hard, strong); insolent luxury:–sensuality(1).

Note that the only translation of these words that results in some English word other than “sensual,” “sensuality,” or “sensuously” is the case of Jude 1:4 where the Greek word aselgeia (766) is translated as “licentiousness.”  This is, by the way, the only occurrence of the word “licentiousness” (or any variation) in either testament of the NASB.

Mark 7:22  –  sensuality (766 aselgeia)

Romans 13:13  –  sensuality (766 aselgeia)

2 Corinthians 12:21  –  sensuality (766 aselgeia)

Galatians 5:19  –  sensuality (766 aselgeia)

Ephesians 4:19  –  sensuality (766 aselgeia)

1 Peter 4:3  –  sensuality (766 aselgeia)

2 Peter 2:2  –  sensuality (766 aselgeia)

2 Peter 2:7 –  sensual (766 aselgeia)  –  We see in this verse that the opposite of a sensual man is a principled man.

2 Peter 2:18  –  sensuality (766 aselgeia)

Revelation 18:3  –  sensuality (4764 strênos)

Revelation 18:7  –  lived sensuously (4763 strêniaô)

Revelation 18:9  –  lived sensuously (4763 strêniaô)

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