Bible Notes on “The Bible Is a Record of God’s Promises – Made and Kept”

The scripture references below go with today’s post of A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

Romans 1:1-4  (In this opening passage, Paul declares what he and his readers believe in common: that the good news about Jesus Christ which they are proclaiming was long ago promised by the prophets, including Moses, who wrote what we call the Old Testament.)

2 Samuel 7:1-29  (This chapter is an example of the promises God made through the prophets – both Nathan and David being prophets themselves – which God fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  For example, 2 Samuel 7:12 promises – or prophesies, if you prefer – the resurrection from the dead of Jesus of Nazareth, descendant of David.  The Old Testament is full of promises about Jesus Christ – and the New Testament explains how they were fulfilled.)

If you are familiar with the Bible, or if you want to hear more from it, you may want to read one of my other blogs: A Bible Reader’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

Any quotations of Scripture are taken from the NASB, unless otherwise noted.

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