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There are 9 verses of the New Testament in which the word “truly” occurs without being part of the statement Jesus used so often “Truly I say to you.”  They all are translations of a Greek word other than “Strong’s 281,” which is the word for “truly” found in all the “Truly I say to you” statements.  (See note at bottom.)

Where the New American Standard Bible says “truly,” the King James Version typically says “verily” (e.g. Matthew 5:18 and Matthew 5:18 KJV).  Both words, of course, are related to truth, because the underlying Greek word is.

(An asterisk at the beginning of the citation indicates that the word “truly” is being spoken by someone other than Jesus.)

*Matthew 27:54

*Mark 12:32

*Mark 15:39

John 4:18

*John 6:14

John 8:31

John 17:8

*Acts 4:27

*1 John 2:5


There are 110 occurrences of the word “truly” in the NASB New Testament in 85 different verses. Of these, 11 of the occurrences (and verses) are from a Greek word other than “281.”  They are Matthew 27:54; Mark 12:32; 15:39; Luke 12:44; 21:3; John 4:18; 6:14; 8:31; 17:8; Acts 4:27; and 1 John 2:5.  Of these, Mark 12:32 and Acts 4:27 come from “1909, 225” and the rest all come from “230.”

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