“Truly I Say to You”

This is a subsidiary post of Jesus Is the Truth.

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In Matthew, Jesus prefaces a point He is making with the phrase “Truly I say to you” 30 different times.

In Mark, Jesus does this 13 times.

In Luke, He does it 8 times.  Plus Luke 4:25 and Luke 9:27 use slight variations.

In John, the phrasing is “Truly, truly, I say to you” and it occurs 25 times.  Plus, John 16:7 uses a slight variation.

This makes a total of 79 verses in which Jesus prefaced one of His statements with this attention-grabber.

The Scriptures show no one but Jesus employing this manner of speaking, thus drawing even more attention to Him for those who seek the truth.

With this notable and distinguishing preface, Jesus underscores His claim to be telling the truth.


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