Amen and Truly

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It is also a subsidary post of Truly.

Generally speaking, the words “Amen” and “Truly” mean exactly the same thing.

The words “amen” and “truly” which you find in the NASB New Testament are translations of the same underlying Greek word, which is “Strong’s Greek 281” which is a transliteration of the Hebrew word: “543 amen (53b); from 539; verily, truly:–Amen(28), truth(2).
(Source: Strong’s Concordance)

Exception: There are 110 occurrences of the word “truly” in the NASB New Testament in 85 different verses. Of these, 11 of the occurrences (and verses) are from a Greek word other than “281.”  They are Matthew 27:54; Mark 12:32; 15:39; Luke 12:44; 21:3; John 4:18; 6:14; 8:31; 17:8; Acts 4:27; and 1 John 2:5.  Of these, Mark 12:32 and Acts 4:27 come from “1909, 225” and the rest all come from “230.”

Therefore, the Strong’s concordance shows “281 amên; adv. of Heb. or. [543]; truly:–Amen(30), truly(99).”  (These 99 occurrences of “truly” when added to the 11 occurrences of “truly” from a Greek word other than “281” match the 110 occurrences of the word “truly” stated above.)  For this reason we can think the same thing whether we see the word “truly” or “amen” in the NASB New Testament.

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