“In the Name of”

This is a subsidary post of The Nature of a Name.

The phrase “in the name of” is found in 66 verses of the Bible (36 in the Old Testament, and 30 in the New Testament).  Speaking in the name of someone carries the authority of that someone, not the speaker – assuming that the speaker has been duly authorized by the someone to speak what is being spoken.

Acts 4:18  –  The Jewish leaders apparently had no problem with the apostles speaking in their own names.  However, speaking in the name of Jesus is what was forbidden.  In other words, there was no stated objection to the apostles acting as principals. Instead, it was their operating as agents of Jesus Christ that was objectionable.


1 Samuel 17:45  –  David was not coming against Goliath in his own name.  Rather, he was coming in the name of the God of Israel.

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