Revising the Structure and Name of This Blog

This blog was previously titled Bible Notes for “A Scriptural Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom” and its tagline was A Companion Blog to “A Scriptural Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.”  It was my second blog and I began writing it February 1, 2010 as a companion to the first one.  My first post was short and included this simple explanation:

Some people who read [my blog] will want to study its concepts in the Bible.  This companion site is designed with those people in mind.

(The insertion [my blog] above refers to what is still my main blog, A Scriptural Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom, whose title I have revised slightly over the years.  The purpose of that main blog was, and is, to clearly articulate and explain the most important truths I have learned from the Bible.)

This general purpose of this blog has never changed either.  Nor is it changing now.  What is changing is the structure of this blog.  When I began it, my approach was to mainly provide Bible verses which a curious reader could research to find the biblical support for each post I was writing in the main blog.  I could have simply listed these verses (and occasional accompanying notations) on the main blog but I did not want to confuse readers with too much data or to intimidate them with Bible citations knowing many of them would not be biblically literate.

The need for this sort of approach has been obviated in recent months.  This is because in March I began using software that causes any Bible reference to pop up the actual verse(s) if a reader hovers the cursor over the chapter and verse citation.  With this feature, I could write my posts on the main blog, include any chapter and verse citations, and know that an interested reader could simply hover his cursor over the citation and read the verse without having to stop and open a Bible.  Of course, my ultimate goal is for all readers to do just that – that is, turn away from my blog and to the Bible itself.  However, I recognize that I am providing some value for some period of time so I want the time that readers give it to be spent as productively as possible.

This, of course, will change the way I write posts for the main blog.  However, I write them well in advance of publication so it will yet be while before posts written the new way begin to show up.

I could stop writing this blog and just leave it up for the archives of support posts it contains for the main blog.  However, in June it occurred to me that I could also use this verse pop-up feature to create Bible studies for readers who wanted to them.  I think of it as meditating on the word of God, a word or concept at a time (Psalm 1:2).  Thus I began writing these “Bible Studies” on June 10th and have been indexing them.

I’ve created a “home page” for the blog where the index will always be present. This should help become even more scripturally literate, and makes this blog even better structured to achieve its original purpose.

Given the changes I’ve described, it seemed appropriate to title the blog more appropriately.  After all, it’s no longer as tightly wedded to the main blog as it was.  Therefore, the title is changing from Bible Notes for “A Scriptural Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom” to simply Bible Study Notes for the Kingdom of God.  And the tagline will go from A Companion Blog to “A Scriptural Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom” to Studying the Bible in Digestible Pieces.  (The “companion” posts will continue until the current stock runs out.)  [Editorial Note, October 5, 2014: I published this post September 26th with the new title being “Bible Notes for Scriptural Christians” but I’ve decided to use “Bible Study Notes for the Kingdom of God” instead – primarily because it’s more descriptive of the content, and fits better with the titles of the other blogs – both to show how it’s different from the other blogs, as well as how it’s similar.]

I hope these changes help you become more familiar with the Bible.  More than that, I hope they help you become more familiar with the Bible’s author and subject (John 5:39).

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