Remind: Remember and Don’t Forget

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An asterisk indicates a non-explicit reference to “remind,” “remember,” or “forget.”

John 14:26  –  “He will…bring to your remembrance all that I said to you”

Romans 15:15 But I have written very boldly to you on some points so as to remind you again…”

*Philippians 3:1  –  “To write the same things again is no trouble to me, and it is a safeguard for you”

2 Timothy 1:6 –  “For this reason I remind you to kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you…”

2 Timothy 2:8  –  “Remember Jesus Christ…”

2 Timothy 2:14  –  “Remind them of these things…”

Titus 3:1  –  “Remind them to be subject to rulers…”

*Hebrews 2:1  –  “we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it”

Hebrews 12:5  –  “you have forgotten the exhortation”

James 1:24  –  “he has immediately forgotten
James 1:25  –  “not having become a forgetful hearer”

2 Peter 1:12  –  “I will always be ready to remind you of these things, even though you already know them”
2 Peter 1:13  –  “to stir you up by way of reminder

*2 Peter 1:15  –  “you will be able to call these things to mind

2 Peter 3:1, 2  –  “…I am stirring up your sincere mind by way of reminder, that you should remember the words spoken beforehand by the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior spoken by your apostles.”

Jude 1:5  –  “Now I desire to remind you…”

Jude 1:17, 18  –  “But you, beloved, ought to remember the words that were spoken beforehand by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ…”


Psalm 103:17-18 But the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children, to those who keep His covenant and remember His precepts to do them.”

Isaiah 57:11  –  “”Of whom were you worried and fearful when you lied, and did not remember Me nor give Me a thought?…”

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