Double-Minded Is One Mind Too Many

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Modern colloquial usage:

  • “That man needs to make up his mind one way or the other.”
  • “I’m of two minds on that subject:  on the one hand…”

The search of the NASB for “double-minded” turns up 3 verses, all of which are included in the list below.

Matthew 6:24 (Luke 16:13 is similar)  –  Anyone who attempts to serve two masters is going to be of two minds.  It’s not a workable situation.

Matthew 21:24-27 (Mark 11:29-33 and Luke 20:1-8 offer similar accounts)  –  Jesus brought to light the double-mindedness of the religious leaders of Israel when He asked them whether they thought the baptism of John was from heaven or men.  They knew that if they said “heaven,” then Jesus would ask them why they didn’t believe John, but if they said “men,” they would immediately experience the displeasure of the crowd.  These leaders could not break free from these two minds because they were unwilling to experience the outcome of either choice.

James 1:8  –  “a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways”

James 4:8  –  “purify your hearts, you double-minded


1 Kings 18:21  –  “…’How long will you hesitate between two opinions?’…”  –  That is, how long will you be of two minds on the subject?

1 Chronicles 12:33  – “…helped David with an undivided heart.”  –  That is, with a single mind.

Psalm 86:11  –  “…Unite my heart to fear Your name.”  –  A heart in need of such prayer is not united; it is divided, and thus in need of remedy.

Psalm 119:113  –  “I hate those who are double-minded…”

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