Faith Is a Matter of Obedience

This is a subsidiary post of Faith.
It is also a subsidiary post of Obedience.

Much of the content that was originally in this post has been moved to, and included with, the content at the post Faith Is Righteousness.  Of course, obedience and righteousness are synonyms terms.  The righteous are those who obey God; the unrighteous disobey Him.

Faith is foundational to relationship with Christ.  It is the first step of obedience to Him.  We should never allow ourselves to consider faith as something separate from obedience.  To believe Christ is to obey Christ.  More precisely, it is the first, the foundational and ongoing step of a life lived in obedience to Christ.

Acts 6:7  –  “…obedient to the faith.”

Romans 1:5  –  “…the obedience of faith…”

Romans 16:25, 26, 27  –  “…obedience of faith…”

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