The Uniqueness of Christ’s Lordship – A Man Reigns as God

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Whoever heard of a man reigning as God?  Whoever worshiped a man in heaven?  What religion in the world – other than Christianity – teaches such a thing?

Luke 19:14  –  Note that it is the idea of this man’s reign that is being rejected.

Acts 7:39  –  The unwillingness to obey the man Moses foreshadowed an unwillingness to obey the man Christ Jesus (see 1 Timothy 2:5 below).

Acts 10:42 –  Consider the progression of Peter’s thought leading up to this verse:  Acts 10:38, 39, 40, 41.  From such depths (death by crucifixion) to such heights (judge of the living and the dead)!  That a human being has been exalted in this way is an altogether singular claim in history.  It is utterly unique.

Acts 17:18  –  It certainly was strange that men should be called to worship a dead man as God.  It not only strange, it was unprecedented until the resurrection and ascension of Christ.

Acts 17:31  –  Since God has been the judge of humanity since the beginning, it is unusual that He should chose a man to take His place.

Acts 25:18, 19  –  Not only was Paul asserting this dead man to be alive – he was asserting that God had appointed this man to take His place in judging the world (Acts 17:31 above).

1 Timothy 2:5  –  Consider this verse in connection with Acts 7:39 above.


Deuteronomy 17:14, 15  –  Note that the king must be selected from among the countrymen.  Jesus was certainly one of the Jews, which makes Him one of humanity – that is, one of us.

1 Samuel 10:27  –  This verse portrays the disdain some people feel at the idea that one person, chosen by God to be king, could make that much difference.  Jesus can.

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