Spiritual Life and Death

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The following verses are references to spiritual life and spiritual death as opposed to physical life and physical death.  Also, practically all references in Our Life Is in Christ are references to spiritual life (better known in the Scriptures as “eternal life”).

Life without God is death.  That is, physical life without awareness of God is merely existence.  It’s not what God intended or created.  It’s what happened when Adam and Eve broke the covenant with God.  Through Jesus Christ, life (i.e. the spiritual life that was lost through sin) is being restored to us.  This is why Jesus could make statements such as John 11:25, 26 and John 14:6.  (By the way, I have tended to include such verses – that is, those that speak of spiritual life in the context of Christ – in the post mentioned above:  Our Life Is in Christ rather than here, though there are exceptions.  In any case, be sure to consider that post whenver considering this post, because they have so much to do with each other.)

Matthew 8:22  –  “…’Follow Me, and allow the dead to bury their own dead’.”

Luke 9:60  –  “…’Allow the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God’.”

Luke 15:24  –  Since this is a parable, the language is figurative and it speaks to “the spiritual life after death” that occurs when we are restored to our heavenly Father.

John 10:10

Ephesians 2:1

Ephesians 2:5

Colossians 2:13

1 Timothy 5:6

1 Timothy 6:19  –  “so that they may take hold of that which is life indeed.”  –  The phrase “that which is life indeed” refers to spiritual life (i.e. “eternal life”).

James 5:19, 20  –  “…will save his soul from death.” (See Ezekiel 18:4 below.)

Revelation 3:1


Ezekiel 18:4  –  “The soul who sins will die.”  (See James 5:20 above.)


eternal life”  –  The phrase “eternal life” appears 41 times in the Bible (all in the New Testament).  It appears an additional 2 times with the word order reversed (i.e. “life eternal”).  This term refers, of course, to spiritual life.