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This is a subsidiary post to Christ.

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This post was originally titled “Responses to Christ.”

There are a universe of responses that human beings can have and do have to Christ.  Let us forsake the inappropriate ones in order to embrace and practice the appropriate ones.


The full set of these appropriate responses creates an atmosphere worthy of His presence.

awe of Him

believe Him

bless  –  Psalm 34:1

call on Him

cling to Him

come to Him (see also go to Him below)

do homage to Him  –  Psalm 2:12

exalt  –  Psalm 34:3

fear Him

glorify Him –  Luke 17:15; John 7:39; 2 Thessalonians 1:10; 1 Peter 4:11

glory  –  Luke 17:18; Philippians 3:3; Revelation 4:9

go to Him (see also come to Him above)

hallow His name

hear Him (see also “listen to Him” below)

honor Him

kiss Him  –  Psalm 2:12 (margin); 1 Kings 19:18

know Him

be known by Him

listen to Him (see also “hear Him” above)

live before Him (same as walk before Him)

love Him

magnify  –  Psalm 34:3

obey Him

please Him  

praise  –  Psalm 34:1

respect Him

return to Him

revere Him

reverence Him

see Him

seek Him

serve Him

sing of Him  –  Psalm 89:1

sing to Him  –  Psalm 13:6

thank Him

tremble before Him

trust Him  –  Jeremiah 17:5-8

turn to Him

walk before Him (same as live before Him)

worship Him


blaspheme  –  Romans 2:24; 1 Timothy 1:13, 20; James 2:7

deny  –  Matthew 10:32-33; 26:34, 75; Mark 14:30, 72; Luke 2:61; 12:8-9; John 13:38; 2 Timothy 2:12; Titus 1:16; 2 Peter 2:1; 1 John 2:22; Jude 1:4

disobey  –  John 3:36

(other)  –  Hebrews 6:6; 10:29

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