Practicing Him

This is a subsidiary post of Various Biblical Terms That Describe the Posture of Faith.
It is also a subsidiary post of Practice.

This post was previously titled “Practicing the Presence of Christ Is Practicing Faith in Christ.”

Practicing the presence of Christ is practicing faith, and, specifically, faith in Christ.

Brother Lawrence gave us The Practice of the Presence of God.  Since, however, Christ has taken the place of God, it is more focused for us to think about “the practice of the presence of Christ.”

To forget – that is, to lose consciousness of, to lose awareness of – Christ is to relinquish faith.

John 3:21  –  Truth is reality.  Jesus Christ said, “I am…the truth” (John 14:6).  Therefore, to practice the truth is to practice Jesus Christ, and to practice Jesus Christ is to practice reality.  Failing to practice Christ is practicing a lie.

Colossians 2:6  –  To have a consciousness of Christ in prayer, but then walk away from that consciousness when we walk away from prayer, is not the will of God.

1 John 1:6  –  Our action must be line with our confession.