In the Bible, “disciples” are another name for “believers,” Christians,” “holy ones,” “saints,” “the church,” “the people of God,” and so on.  (For a longer list, see Other Names for the Disciples of Jesus Christ.)  Of all these terms, “disciples” is the most important.  This is because being a disciple enables us to learn about all the others.  That is, through being true disciples, we can achieve the fullness of what the Lord intended by all those other names.

As His disciples, our learning process is foremost a process of growth into His image (Luke 6:40).

This word – “disciple(s)” – appears at least once in 253 verses of the NASB New Testament, all in five books: Matthew (73x), Mark (42x), Luke (36x), John (74x), Acts (28x).  (The related word “discipline” appears in 17 verses, all in the Epistles.)

Here are various posts on disciples and related subjects.

Matthew 5:1

Matthew 28:19  –  “make disciples of all the nations”

John 8:31-32

Acts 11:26

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