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Bible readers know that there are many occurrences of the phrase “son of God” or “sons of God” in the Scriptures.  Below, however, are other occurrences of “sons of…”

Matthew 8:12  –  “the sons of the kingdom”

Matthew 13:38  –  “the sons of the kingdom” v. “the sons of the evil one”

Matthew 23:15  –  “a son of hell”

Mark 3:17  –  “sons of thunder” (Boanerges)

Luke 16:8  –  “the sons of this age” v. “the sons of light”

Luke 20:34  – “the sons of this age”

Luke 20:36  –  “sons of God,” “sons of the resurrection”

John 1:12  –  “children of God”

John 8:44  –  “your father the devil,” “your father,” “the father of lies”

John 12:36  –  “sons of light”

Acts 4:36  –  “Barnabas” was a nickname meaning “son of encouragement”

Acts 13:10  –  “son of the devil”

Ephesians 5:8  –  “children of light”

1 Thessalonians 5:5  –  “sons of light,” “sons of day”

1 John 3:10  –  “the children of God” v. “the children of the devil”


Genesis 6:2  –  “sons of God” v. “daughters of men”

Genesis 6:4  –  “sons of God” v. “daughters of men”

1 Samuel 2:12  –  “worthless men” is literally “sons of Belial” (according to NASB marginal note)

Job 1:6  –  “sons of God”

Job 2:1  –  “sons of God”

Hosea 1:10  –  “sons of Israel

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