Striking Elements of Jesus’ Worldview

Jesus thought differently.  Through the Scriptures, we have insight into His thinking.  What are some of the important tenets to which He held?  How do we achieve a Christlike mind – that is, a true Christian mind?  Here are some of those building blocks for erecting the mind of Christ within ourselves.

God is good…and man is not.

– “Why do you call me good?  No one is good but God alone.”  (Matthew 19:17; Mark 10:18; Luke 18:19)

– “If you then, being evil…”  (Matthew 7:11; Luke 11:13  –  note that Jesus is addressing His disciples)

– “Jesus arrived from Galilee at the Jordan coming to John, to be baptized by him.”  (Matthew 3:13-15)

– “Because of your hardness of heart Moses permitted you to divorce your wives; but from the beginning it has not been this way.”  (Matthew 19:8; Mark 10:5)

God is all-powerful…and man is not.

– “You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures or the power of God.”  (Matthew 22:29; Mark 12:24;

– “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  (Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; 14:36; Luke 18:27)




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