We Are Disciples…with a Teacher, a Text, and a Topic

This is a subsidiary post of Disciples.

(See also The People of God Have a Teacher, Text, Subject, and Course.)

We are disciples – that is, learners, students, pupils, even disciplined ones (i.e. ones under discipline).

We have a teacher.  He is Jesus – by His Holy Spirit.

He has a text.  It is the Bible.

He has a topic.  It is righteousness.

Matthew 5:1, 2  –  Jesus ascended to heaven.  We come to Him by faith that He might teach us of Himself and His ways.  See Isaiah 2:1-5 below.

Matthew 23:8  –  Jesus is the teacher of us all.

John 5:39  –  That Jesus teaches us righteousness means that He teaches us of Himself.

John 13:13  –  Jesus is just as much a teacher as He is a lord.

John 14:26  –  Jesus teaches us through His Holy Spirit.  (See also 1 John 2:27.)

2 Timothy 2:7  –  The apostles spoke and wrote, but it was – and is – Jesus who gives the proper understanding of those words.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 –  Clearly, righteousness is the subject (i.e. topic) to which all the teaching, reproof, correction, and training in the Scriptures points.

1 John 2:27  –  Jesus teaches us through His Holy Spirit – that is, “His anointing.”  (See also John 14:26.)


Joshua 1:8  –  This verse emphasizes the importance of the textbook God has given us – the text the Lord is using to teach us His ways.

Psalm 25:4
Psalm 25:5

Psalm 25:8
Psalm 25:9

Psalm 81:13  –  This is the cry of Jesus the Teacher.  He yearns for His people to be true disciples, for that is their calling.

Psalm 94:12  –  Jesus is Lord, and He chastens and teaches us (see 2 Timothy 3:16-17 above) out of His law (i.e. the Scriptures).

Isaiah 2:1-5  –  We go to the Lord to learn His ways…and we learn them from His law (i.e. the Scriptures, which He has left us through His apostles and prophets).  See Matthew 5:1 above.

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