The Apostles’ Creed

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Here’s the Wikipedia article on the Apostles’ Creed (“The first mention of the expression ‘Apostles’ Creed’ occurs in a letter dated 390 AD from a synod in Milan and may have been associated with the belief, widely accepted in the 4th century, that, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, each of the Twelve Apostles contributed an article of a creed.”)  It may have been based on the earlier and shorter Roman Creed (“It was based on the 2nd-century Rules of Faith…[and a]ccording to Bible scholar John Norman Davidson Kelly, 2nd-century church fathers Tertullian and Irenaeus cite it in their works.”)

The Apostles’ Creed is an attempt to encapsulate what the apostles taught.  It generally reflects the central claims of the New Testament.

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  1. It’s named after the two Apostles Paul and Peter who were attributed as fdonuing the community of the Way (as they were then known) in Rome, which with the Didache and the book of Ecclesiasticus were part of the catechetical books used, with this creed being part of the formula for the sacrament of Baptism for the catechumens. Legends used to add or embellish our traditions but the so-called Enlightenment by Reason have made us so suspicious of how human oral traditions work that we are ripping our anthropology apart into apparent fact and fiction. Myths still have a place in speaking to the human spirit as modern films and such attest. We need both sorts to keep our heritage rich. Do we want to burn books again? Probably not.

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