The Apostles Came to Us in the Name of the Lord

This is a subsidiary post of Apostles.

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Jesus, quoting the Old Testament, said “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”  (Matthew 23:39; Psalm 118:26).  And Jesus certainly sent the apostles to us in His name.  They came because He sent them.  We blessed when we bless them – they who were sent in His name.

We count those blessed who endured (James 5:11), and insofar as we know, all but Judas Iscariot did endure to the end.  They came at great personal cost.  God bless them for doing so!  Because they came, we have the New Testament for all ages – and it forever testifies to just how reliable the Old Testament is as well.

Blessed be the God who sends righteous men our way!

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