When the Things of God Are “Taken Away” from Us

The things of God can be taken away from us.  Therefore, let us cling to them tightly, continually giving God thanks for them.

Matthew 9:15  –  When the bridegroom is taken away from attendants, they should mourn until His return.
Matthew 13:12  –  Here’s a clear case of Jesus telling us that what we have can be taken away from us.
Matthew 21:43  –  Jesus tells the chief priests and elders of the people that their stewardship of the administration of God will be taken away from them in order that it might be given to those more worthy of it.
Matthew 25:29  –  This statement is part of Jesus’ Parable of the Talents (or “Minas”) and is practically identical with what He said in Matthew 13:12 (see above).  With respect to the things of God, what we use will grow but what we do not use will be taken away.

Luke 10:38, 39, 40, 41, 42  –  On the bright side, consider Mary, sister of Martha, as a good example to follow.  Because Mary devoted herself to what the Lord was giving, she did not have it taken away from her.

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