Bible Notes on “If No One Ever Wrongs You, How Will You Get to Turn the Other Cheek?”

The scripture references below go with today’s post of A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

1 Corinthians 6:7  (How can we imitate and thereby honor Christ if we are demanding our rights?  He did not demand His rights  He just kept fulfilling His responsibilities.  Let us do the same.)

Matthew 5:38-45  (In this passage from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus describes for us the way He dealt with the wrongs done to Him, and therefore the way that we should deal with the wrongs done to us.)

Hebrews 5:8  (As Jesus learned obedience from the things which He suffered, so also do we.)

Philippians 2:15  (It’s by living in the way that Jesus did that we distinguish ourselves from humanity at large and thereby draw attention to the light He sheds on our lives.)

If you are familiar with the Bible, or if you want to hear more from it, you may want to read one of my other blogs: A Bible Reader’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

Any quotations of Scripture are taken from the NASB, unless otherwise noted.

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