Bible Notes on “Why Does the Name of Jesus Create Such a Stir?”

Acts 4:12 (Given the uniqueness of Jesus’ name, there’s no wonder it evokes a unique response.)

Philippians 2:5-11 (Since it is the name at which every one of us should bow, we should not be surprised if those who don’t want to bow become irate with those of us who do.)

2 Timothy 3:12 (As I said in the post, some form of persecution is inevitable for you if you love Him.  Just be faithful through it.  Others have borne far more difficulties for His name than we will.)

1 Peter 4:12-13 (As Peter says, don’t think it strange that the sufferings of Christ should come to you.  Endure them for Him as He endured them for us.)

1 John 3:13 (John says it succinctly: “Don’t be surprised if the world hates you.”)

Luke 21:17 (Jesus makes clear that it is His name that brings the hatred.  So strange and sad to see a world that hates its Creator.)

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