Bible Notes on “Why Did the Life of Jesus Create Such a Stir?”

Acts 10:38-41 (Reading these words without preconceived notions is a startling experience.  Just think about what the speaker was saying: “This Jesus went about doing good things for people and was crucified.”  Talk about a non sequitur!   The enmity that the world has against God is the only explanation.)

John 18:33-40 (Another example of illogic is what you see Pontius Pilate facing in this passage.  He is so perplexed that the people whom he ruled were presenting an innocent man for the death sentence that he tries to find a way out for himself and for the accused.)

John 15:25 (Here Jesus is quoting Psalm 35:19 in which David said, “They hated me without a cause.”  This is truly what the persecution of Jesus was: hatred without a cause.  Hostility toward God is irrational…but, alas, commonplace.)

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