Bible Notes on “The Kingdom of God is a State of Blessedness of Soul”

Romans 14:17

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2 Replies to “Bible Notes on “The Kingdom of God is a State of Blessedness of Soul””

  1. Mike, does Rm 14:17 say that? I don’t think so. No, His kingdom is not an individual psychological state of each person, but a corporate reality for the body of Christ. If I want to keep your phrase, we could say that God’s kingdom has for each of us something to do with a ‘state of blessedness of soul’.

    Rm 14:17 …. indeed, God’s kingdom reign is not about a matter of [being scrupulous in what one should or should not be] eating or drinking, but with what we have in holy spirit — righteousness and peace and joy.

    1. The old covenant was corporately dispensed. The new covenant is kept between God and individuals. That’s why it says, in Jeremiah and Hebrews, that the new covenant is “NOT LIKE THE COVENANT I MADE WITH THEIR FATHERS” and “THEY SHALL NOT TEACH EACH EVERY ONE HIS FELLOW CITIZEN…FOR ALL SHALL KNOW ME.” (Jer 31:31-34; Heb 8:8-12)

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