Bible Notes on “Why Does God Go to All the Trouble to Reveal Himself?”

John 17:3 (This statement powerfully expresses the importance and value of accepting God’s revelation of Himself through Jesus Christ to us.)

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2 Replies to “Bible Notes on “Why Does God Go to All the Trouble to Reveal Himself?””

  1. Hi Mike,

    Why, of course.

    Our God is the God who makes Himself revealed to us through His Son.

    The answer is in 1Jn 4:16b

    because ‘God is love’.

    This IS the main theme of the whole Scripture. God is Love! This is really a shocking news (‘amazing grace’)!

    The loving God is not someone up there basking in His glory. No, He is the loving God, who calls, hears, provides, cares us; invites us to a divine dance in fellowship of all the created beings.

    1. Yes, the main theme of the Bible is that God is love. However, those who assume they know what love is and therefore disregard Christ never really understand who God is or what love is.

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