Bible Notes on “Take Your Conscience Seriously”

Psalm 94:12  (The Lord will teach you from your conscience because that is where His law is stored.  It is also stored in the Bible.)

Genesis 19:14 (When God was about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, some of the inhabitants did not believe such a thing could happen.  They took the warning as a jest.)

Acts 2:40 (When Peter warned people to be saved from the perverse generation in which they lived, some people may have thought he was exaggerating.  They may even have thought he was jesting.  Evil never seems as bad as it really is to the people who are practicing it.)

Romans 2:16 (We live in the day that the apostle Paul is here foreseeing.  That is, we have consciences through which Jesus Christ is shedding His light.  Let us follow it!)

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