Bible Notes on “God’s Will Is Lodged in Your Conscience”

Romans 2:14-16 (The day Paul spoke of came just after the New Testament age.  Since  then, all people – Jew or Gentile – have God’s law written on their hearts, causing each conscience to be an agent of God.)

Psalm  40:8 (This verse prophesies of the same reality Paul did – only a thousand years before Paul prophesied it.)

Jeremiah 31:31-34  (Jeremiah prophesies the new covenant hundreds of years before Christ was born.)

Hebrews 8:8-12 (This New Testament letter quotes Jeremiah’s prophecy and expounds on its meaning since the time of Christ had come and the new covenant would soon be consummated.)

Hebrews 5:12-14 (This passage speaks of how usage develops a person’s conscience.)

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