Bible Notes on “Repentance Is Turning to Jesus Early”

     – In Matthew 3:2, John the Baptist calls for repentance in light of the coming kingdom of God.  In Matthew 4:17, Jesus Himself makes the same demand.

     – In Acts 26:19-20 the apostle Paul makes known the need for repentance, and he explicitly adds the requirement that true repentance actually requires changed behavior – not merely better intentions.

     – In Romans 14:11-13 Paul states that we’ll all face the full judgment of God and should therefore not distract ourselves by judging others.  In Philippians 2:9-11 he speaks again of every knee bowing to Jesus as Lord.  In both of these passages, he is quoting the prophet Isaiah from the Old Testament who prophesied of this very thing (Isaiah 45:23).

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