Bible Notes on “Fear the Lord”

     – The conclusion of the book of Ecclesiastes makes clear the importance of fearing the Lord.  It also speaks of the conceptual connection it has with keeping His commandments.  See Eccl 12:13.

     – Jesus’ admonition that we cannot serve two masters is found in Matthew 6:24 and again in Luke 16:13.

     – For meditation: find any scripture that makes reference to fearing the Lord and particularize that thought to the Lord Jesus Christ, reigning in heaven, filling the earth with His power and presence, but invisible to the human eye.  Make fear of the Lord a personal matter between you and Him.

     – Psalm 31:19 ties together several of the ideas in this post (fear of God, God’s goodness, God as a refuge) and thus it could be a great comfort to you.  Good to memorize for frequent reflection.

     – Philippians 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:7 speak to relief from any anxiety you may have.

     – In John 14:27, Jesus speaks of the peace He gives to replace the worries and troubles of our soul.

     – The exchanging of our troubles for His comfort  was described well in Psalm 94:19.  If God could effect such an exchange to the ancient Israelites when the revelation of Himself was limited, how much more can He do so since His personality is now fully revealed through Jesus Christ!

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